The Association


AniManga Austria – Arbeitskreis japanische Jugendkultur is a non-profit association with the aim to promote Japanese youth and pop culture in Austria. It was founded in Vienna in 2003.

The AniManga association offers local anime/manga fan clubs support in organisational matters and provides ressources for organizing events and fan meetings.

Cooperation with the Japanese Cultural Center and the Academic Working Group Japan broaden the cultural horizon of the association’s members, forum users, and the thousands of visitors to the annual held AniNite – Austria’s largest festival on the subject of Japanese pop culture.

In cooperation with partner associations such as AnimePro, GO-Verband, Kasu, and others, we are constantly expanding our service and network and helping to build a strong community.

As a member of the I.O.E.A (International Otaku Expo Association), we endeavor to improve our program and to build bridges to other countries and cultures in a lively dialogue with other conventions, fairs, and events.

In addition to AniNite, we are also the organizer of the AkiCon, NyanCon, LoriCon, and FuyuCon conventions, where we support the organizers financially and with our knowledge. Small projects such as AniMarket or Yuki Matsuri are also under our supervision.


The project originated in 2000 with the establishment of the editorial online portal AniManga Austria, and since then it has been considered the first port of call for those interested in Japanese pop culture. The scene stimulated by this had to be equipped with its own forum in 2001, where fans could also exchange information directly. In the same year started also the history of AniNite.

The Association

The board of directors

  • Chairman:  Ing. Michael Goldfinger
  • Vice-Chairman: Christine Goldfinger
  • Treasurer: Ulrich Hinterreiter
  • Secretary: Michael Wollner

Project manifest

The current version of the project manifest. With this manifesto, we want to create a way that all work in the association is pleasant for everyone.

AniManga Logo Press Kit

A small press kit. It contains our official associaton logo in various formats common for printing.

Statutes of the association

The statutes of the AniManga Austria association. The statutes are only awailable in german.